About us

The company Gonar Co. Ltd. has been operating in the market since 1974. Over forty years of expertise, mainly in manufacturing of mining tools and instruments for hard coal mines, mines of non-ferrous metal ores as well as quarries ranks the company on the leading position among the companies with similar business profiles.

In addition, the Gonar company manufactures tools and equipment for highway engineering, forestry, steelworks, petrochemical and mineral industry as well as for civil engineering companies.

To enable easy and quick selection the boring and drilling tools covered by this catalogue have been subdivided into the content-related groups. As the edges of drilling and boring tools dedicated for direct working are hardened by tips of sintered carbides with various grades, the further part of the catalogue presents the basic information on the relevant application areas suitable for possible users.

The staff of both the Marketing Departments and the Service Department of Gonar are always available and they can assist you with their knowledge and experience so that you can select the best tools from the wide offer of the catalogue and to match up the tolls and the specific geological conditions or even to design a new tool. Appropriate section of adequate instrument is extremely important as a bit for hard granite, sandstone or limestone must meet totally different requirements that the one for soft coal or rocks of similar workability. Sometimes even slightest variations in composition of sinters that are used for hardening the tool edges or change of the sinter grade may extend the lifetime of instruments and increase the drilling advance even twice. 

Being anxious about permanent quality improvement of our tools we wish to establish and maintain close relationships with users of our instruments so we kindly ask to let us know your opinions and comments. You will be kept informed on any amendments in our production profile, e.g. on launching manufacturing of new types of tools and instruments or termination of fabrication the obsolete sorts or sizes. The catalogue subjects to permanent revision and updating by including new sheets or removing the out-of-date ones. It is why we ask all the users of our catalogue and visitors of the website to send their remarks and comments to our address, regardless whether such information concerns content of the catalogue or its formal appearance. We will use your feedback to make such adjustments that will make it possible to navigate easily and quickly throughout the catalogue and right selection of appropriate tools.

We wish all the users of our tools and instruments to run their work safely and efficiently.